We are a full service metal fabricator serving industry leading commercial vehicle OEMs across the country.

Leveraging our four facilities and a collective 765,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Defiance Metal Products provides a wide-range of a process capabilities to serve as a full service metal fabrication shop.

At Defiance Metal Products, we practice vertical integration. From receiving the raw material in sheets, to shipping a final product ready for installation in an OEM assembly plant, we manage each process. Our ability to finish a product in-house using epoxy coating or powder coating is a big advantage for our customers. We control every step in the process, from quote to development to final delivery. This enables Defiance Metal Products to improve efficiency, and maintain best-in-class performance.

Process Capabilities at Defiance Metal Products


Defiance Metal Products provides custom metal stamping with presses ranging up to 1200 ton and coil fed lines ranging up to 600 ton.

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Using a combination of fiber optic and CO2 laser cutting together with our extensive line of brake presses, Defiance Metal Products offers a complete set of metal fabrication solutions.

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Defiance Metal Products has a complete line of manual welding (resistance welding, MIG welding, TIG Welding) & Robotic Welding capabilities.

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Epoxy Coating / E Coating

Electrodeposition Epoxy Coating is a superior undercoating method & one Defiance Metal Products is proud to offer our customers.

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Powder Coating provides a high quality finish that will make your metal products durable, attractive, & scratch/corrosion resistant.

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Defiance Metal Products is a complete solutions provider by integrating assembly capabilities with our high quality manufacturing offerings.

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We are certified to deliver a quality product every time.

Our Quality Assurance department is professionally staffed to support our IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing systems. Technical support is provided during product development, the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) sampling process and continues throughout the life of a program. A coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) and computer visual technology is provided on a 24 hours basis, allowing for tooling and product verification at the source of manufacture.

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