Defiance Metal Products has epoxy coating lines in both its Ohio and Arkansas facilities.  E coating is a superior undercoating method where the component is immersed in a tank, facilitating paint flow into hard to reach areas.  It is electroplated onto the metal and then fully cured in an 8,000,000 BTU oven.

Features of Defiance Metal Products’ epoxy coating system include:

  • Wide window of operation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • No lead, chrome, or zinc
    • Excellent performance with non-chrome sealer
    • Improved performance with zirconium pre-treatment
    • 500 hour salt spray
  • Reduced emissions
    • VOC less than 0.5 lb/gal.
    • HAPS free
  • Performance advantages
    • Good protective throwpower
    • Smooth film appearance
    • Good topcoatability

Epoxy coating combined with powder coating provides an exceptionally high quality corrosion and scratch resistant finish for your metal products.

Ohio’s system is a 13 stage system with a package size of 120″ x 60″ x 48″ and a package load of 1200 pounds.  Arkansas’ system is a 13 stage system with a package size of 48″ x 52″ x 96″ with max weight of 800 lbs.