Laser Cutting

Defiance Metal Products offers its customers the latest technology in fiber optic and CO2 laser cutting capabilities.  Laser cutting can offer an economical alternative to expensive stamping dies for products with medium to low volumes or for parts with higher edge quality requirements.

Defiance Metal Products has over 20 lasers with tables sizes up to 60” (1500mm) x 120” (3000mm).

Our machines offer features such as:

  • CNC Lasers, which can cut up to 5/8” (steel) with standard tolerances of .004”
  • CNC Plasma Laser (in Ohio) can cut up to 3” thick material, table size 120” (3048mm) x 288” (7315mm)
  • Materials: steel, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Advanced nesting software, which enables Defiance Metal Products to offer our customers improved material utilization
This is a CNC Laster Cutting machine from the Defiance Metal Products' Ohio plant.

Press Brakes

Defiance Metal Products’ brake press capability is aligned with our expectation for sustained best-in-class quality performance.  With a combination of having the appropriate equipment, experienced operators, the latest in simulation software, and proprietary mistake-proofing technology, Defiance Metal Products can offer its customers both flexibility and quality.

Defiance Metal Products has over 40 press brakes ranging from 46 tons to 500 tons; with lengths ranging from 4′ to 14′ feet in length.

Our machines offer features such as:

  • CNC Controls, which ensure ongoing part consistency
  • Backgauging, for superior part positioning (up to 7-Axis)
  • Bend simulation software
This is one of our Cincinnati brake presses in the Ohio pant.