Robotic Welding Capabilities

Defiance Metal Products uses a variety of robotic welders that are capable of ARC, MIG, and TIG welds and have up to 122” (3100mm) of reach. Benefits of automated robotic welding include:

  • High consistency of weld
  • High repeatability of weld
  • Faster part cycle time
  • Materials: steel, aluminum, stainless steel
A door assembly is welded with a robotic welder at our Ohio plant.

Manual MIG/TIG Welding Capabilities

As a supplier of large fabrications, weldments, and sub-assemblies, Defiance Metal Products’ welding capability is one of our core competencies. Our welding machines are capable of 300 to 450 amps. We offer resistance welding machines sized from 35 to 300 KVA, with automatic feeders for efficient and high-quality hardware installation. Defiance Metal Products uses industry standard and proprietary mistake-proofing tools to ensure that we meet our best-in-class quality expectations.

Our spot welders are used for everything from simple weldments to complex sub-assemblies with hundreds of components. Manual TIG welders are used to assemble appearance items such as steps, battery box covers, and tool boxes. Many chassis parts such as control arms, axle brackets, bumper mounts, and cross members are manufactured using our variety of manual MIG welders.

Defiance Metal Products employs full-time Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) in order to certify our processes, people, and equipment to guarantee that our products meet our customer’s expectations of best-in-class quality. We train, test and audit our personnel to ensure we remain proficient in world-class welding capabilities, including our development of Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS) to various AWS and individual customer standards. We also utilize third party calibration services that employ monthly internal auditing of our equipment. We have the capability to weld carbon, stainless steel and aluminum.

A Defiance Metal Products employee works to manually weld a product.